And we’re back!

What a ride the past few years have been. Aside from festivals, and other gigs coming back. I’m really excited to share a few projects I have recently been involved with.

My good friend and Albany-based piano player, Rob Lindquist asked me to play on a tune he wrote and then produced a video for. Dig his tune “Mirage” here. It features Joe Abba on Drums, Nick Mancini on Vibraphone , and Trifon Dimitrov on Bass.

And speaking of Joe Abba, his long-awaited album has just been released. It features some bad cats out of NYC! He’s worked with an incredibly wide range of musicians, from John Scofield, to Jessica Simpson, to Tommy and CJ Ramone.

You can dig the whole side here: It’s a real mash-up that includes a ton of different sounds: Latin, fusion, funk, and rap.

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