New Project on the horizon! NSTX by Jake and Josh Hanlon

Quite excited to have been a part of Jake (Guitar) and Josh (Piano) Hanlon’s new recording project NSTX. The album features the compositions of the brothers Hanlon and features Stockton Helbing on drums, James Driscoll on Bass. It’s being released on Armored Records in 2021.

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Just picked up a Voco-Loco by Radial Engineering for my pedal bard. This thing rocks! Check it out!

Right now Im using a delay, envelope filter, harmonizer, etc and the Voco-Loco has made integrating my board so much easier. And its fun!


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Going to Nepal!

jazzmandu pic.jpg

Jake hanlon and I will be bringing our duo to Jazzmandu, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Check out this amazingly groovy festival here! 

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quARTet is released TODAY!!

My latest recording, quARTet is released today on Origin records Tynan Front Cover Digipak

I’ve always enjoyed the relationship between image and sound. In 2015 I began collaborating with some of my favorite artists – many of whom I had personal and/or professional relationships prior to beginning this project – this made it quite personal to me. The process was quite simple. I requested each artist to submit one of their pieces so I could create a newly composed musical work inspired by their art. I printed the work and as I sat with the piece I listened to what manifested in my head. Then I transcribed what I was hearing – on a few occasions I did not feel the first music created represented the image. I saved the piece and went back to the drawing board and listened again. Finally, I fell that I was able to capture the sound in time the image inspired me. Maybe it was already there and I just captured it.

The result is quARTet.


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New band! Duel chromatic

Very excited to announce a new project I’ve been spending some time on recently. It’s a new band that’s composed of musicians based in the Netherlands and Canada called dual chromatic.

We have a new recording coming out in the next few weeks and a potential tour also coming up in the spring – i’ll have more details on that as it gets a little closer!

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New recording coming in March!

Keep your ears and eyes open for Paul Tynan new recording “quARTet” on Origin records. A collaboration with six visual artists, Paul created six new musical compositions based on their work.

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Exciting news: Bicoastal Collective WON the ECMA award for Jazz Album of the year. The European tour with drum wizard Greg Smith has also resulted in a live recording too – details coming soon!


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Good News from the ECMA!

Just received word that Bicoastal Collective: Chapter 5 was nominated for two East Coast Music Association Awards; Jazz Recording of the Year and Instrumental Recording of the Year.  The awards will be presented in May 2018 at the ECMA 2018 conference in Halifax.

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Europe in May/Stuff

There has not been too much traveling this fall (Ive been really busy teaching mostly), but looks like the road will be calling again.  I have some gigs coming up in Banff, and Ottawa and I’ll be heading back to Europe to make some music in Germany, The Netherlands, and Ireland this coming May. As those dates get locked down I’ll add them to my events.  I’ve been also working on a new quartet project that’ll hopefully be ready for release this summer. YAY!

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ALRIGHT!!! BC5 gets released today!

Bicoastal Collective: Chapter 5 is released today on OA2 records. Aaron Lington and I have put a lot into this project. I hope you get a chance to check it out! It’s a full big band album and we pulled out all the stops on it. You can check out some sound clips and order it HERE.

Aspen 6 panel digi Corel

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