Discography/Sound Clips

Tynan Front Cover DigipakquARTet (Origin Records) 2019 

Collaborating with some of his favorite visual artists, Nova Scotia-based trumpeter Paul Tynan requested pieces from each so he could create newly composed musical works inspired by their art. Having personal relationships with each artist and then spending such intimate time with their works, (qu)ART(et) ended up being a highly personal experience for Tynan, with his commitment spanning over a year and resulting in a limited-edition, hard-bound book and this recording package. From the mainstream “More Than Just a Single Road” to the more modern and angular “Swirl,” or the open melancholy found in “What We’ve Left Behind,” Tynan offers a more intimate look into his own musical persona while still expressing his strikingly collaborative artistic nature. Sound clips and ordering 



Dual Chromatic: Beyond the Pale, Independent 2019

Performing jazz based on a modern aesthetic combining modern harmony, interactive musical commination and elements of the Avant Guard. Recorded live in Rotterdam, it features Greg Smith on Drums, Stefan Lievestro on Bass, Jake Hanlon on Guitar.  Sound clips and Ordering 


Aspen 6 panel digi CorelBicoastal Collective: Chapter Five (OA2 Records) 2017

With the fifth album from their decade-long collaboration, the Nova Scotia-based trumpeter and Bay-Area baritone saxophonist are at their most ambitious. With eight new large ensemble compositions for a big band that includes friends and colleagues from their days at the University of North Texas, they further solidify a captivating musical partnership that restlessly pursues new vehicles for their compositions and musical visions. Sound Clips and Ordering BC5

BC4Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Four (OA2 Records) 2014

While retaining the thoroughly modern post-bop aesthetic they cultivated over their first 3 recordings, the Halifax-based trumpeter Paul Tynan and baritone saxophonist Aaron Lington from San Jose, CA, decided to tackle the hard-bop organ band format for their latest. Joining them on 7 original compositions are guitarist Jake Hanlon, organist Tony Genge, and drummer Terry O’Mahoney. Through their composition and improvisation, the Bicoastal Collective creates engaging and passionate music.  Sound Clips and ordering information 

ASAutumn Song (Armored Records) 2014

One of the things I look for in music is honesty. Not trying to be Fresh and New just for the sake of being Fresh and New, but creating music that resonates from within, music that is hip because the individuals creating the music are being honest with who they are and what they believe. This first CD from Paul Tynan and Jake Hanlon is a perfect example of that. – Bobby Selvaggio, Liner notes.  Sound Clips and ordering information 

Three Front Cover

Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Three (OA2 Records) 2012

Canadian trumpeter Paul Tynan and California-based baritone saxophonist Aaron Lington let out the stops for an unabashed blowing session on their third recording of the Bicoastal Collective series. Veering from the sweeping, conceptual suites on the former volumes, the duo combines with a powerful quartet of improvisors from across North America (thus “Bicoastal”!) for a set of dynamic and inspired originals. Sound Clips and Ordering BC3

Ocean sounds

Ocean Sounds Quartet – Live at Ship’s Company Theatre (Armored Records) 2011

What if Canadian folk musician and songwriter Stan Rogers joined American, Jazz legend Miles Davis’ band? With their new release Live at the Ship’s Company Theatrethe Ocean Sounds Quartet musically answers that intriguing question. Sound Clips and Ordering.


Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Two (OA2 Records) 2010

Chapter Two finds the ensemble in a quintet setting exploring improvised music inspired by the British Isles. England’s eastern coast folk melodies and their treatment in composer Ralph Vaughn Williams’ early 20th-century works, are adapted by Lington into his suite, The Ravenspurn Collection, and Tynan adds three compositions to the recording with two inspired by his own Irish roots. With a purely North American jazz aesthetic, the Collective here give new life to ancient voices. Sound Clips and Ordering BC2 


Bicoastal Collective: Chapter One (OA2 Records) 2009

The Bicoastal Collective is a select grouping of musicians from across the U.S and Canada, culled from friends and colleagues. The set of ten original swinging and far-reaching compositions stretches the sonic possibilities of the 10-piece band to imply a big band while maintaining an organic, improvisational small group feel. This the first installment of what should prove to be an interesting and entertaining story. Sound Clips and Ordering BC1 

Radio Infrequency (NohJoh Music) 2007Radio Infrequency

“Throughout its successive waves of colonization, the foggy, Gulf-streamed shores of Nova Scotia, Canada have welcomed and fostered diverse musical cultures. Indeed, its French, Celtic and British musicological melting pot coalesced into a unique microcosm sometime during the 19th century. Yet, unlike their Scandinavian counterparts, local jazz musicians diverged en masse from this fertile heritage, opting instead for the lyrical melodies and lush, modal chords of Wayne Shorter, Tom Harrell and, especially, Kenny Wheeler. Unsurprisingly, (and for our great enjoyment) flugelhornist Paul Tynan’s indebtedness to Wheeler’s idiosyncratic compositional style is, indeed, quite palpable.”  Martin Gladu – All About Jazz. Sound Clip and Ordering

Digital/Spiritual (NohJoh Music) 2005DS

Maybe when you were younger, you had friends that only liked to get you high. As you got older, you wanted them to do something more – to talk with you more, to be real, to stop acting like a load so much. Maybe now you still have one of those old friends, or maybe someone you met just a couple of years ago. Someone who has obviously seen the saucers, and probably even ridden on one of them. You don’t always understand everything they’re saying, but you know they’ll never lie to you. Once in a while they say something that makes you wonder what they are thinking of, and make you wish you had thought of it first. Someone who brings a big package of ideas over to your living room and lets you unpack it like it was Christmas. Sound Clips and Ordering.

Freedom and Jealousy

Freedom and Jealousy (NohJoh Music) 2002

The Tynan quartet plays music with litheness and sensitivity. The young trumpeter shows a mellow side in teaming with reed player Summers, bassist Wigton, and drummer Helbing. Tynan and Summers make an articulate pair as front-line performers. The sounds from their instruments meet and merge in a natural union of tonality to spring either one of them loose on extensive improvised journeys. They play off each other, cajole each other, and typically reach peaks of joint expression. Nearly all the compositions are the individual product of the band members, yet all the songs have a common denominator to tie them to the recording’s concept. While the playing has the semblance of free flight, it is influenced by gravitational pull to maintain an association with tradition. Sound Clips and Ordering.

NJPTNoel Johnston/Paul Tynan Quintet – NJPT (NohJoh Music) 1999

…for all its subtle humor, the album is a stellar work. Johnston guitar work is superb and his tone is colorful while not being too bright. Tynan’s horn work is quite mature and always lyrical while Marcus Wolfe’s smooth tone on tenor is a pleasure. Michael Barton is a solid bass player and a perfect compliment to the grooving stick work of Joel Fountain. This is an album well worth picking up, very strong and very, very swinging.” Stephan Richardson – All About Jazz.  Sound Clips and Ordering.