Stuff, then a break, then more stuff

After a super busy summer it was nice to take a bit of a break from traveling so much this fall. This summer found me in LA, Dallas, Chicago, Buffalo, Halifax, among other places. Aside from playing on the St. FX Visiting Artist Concert series  (which included Lage Lund and Linda Oh this year) it was a welcomely slow fall.  I’ll be back at it soon with hits in St. John’s (Newfoundland), Charlottetown (PEI), Potsdam (NY), and playing locally. Local concerts included a juicy gig with one of my favorite drummers and musicians, Matt Wilson (also part of the St. FX Visiting Artist series).

New project/releases coming soon include BiCoastal Collective: Chapter Five, Project quARTet, and new releases by Josh and Jake Hanlon and I make a guest appearance on Michelle Hanlon new singer/songwriter project. None of these have a release date yet, buy they are all in the can!  Yay for music, and who knows maybe it’s time for a gig on alto. 😉

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