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I just got back from ITG. I was attending the conference supporting Edwards and Getzen trumpets and adjudicating the jazz solo competition (along side Michael Hackett, and Tiger Okoshi). The new Getzen Prototype Bb is a serious horn. I got to take it for a test run at the ITG jazz session.  I heard some fantastic music and as always the hang was deep; recharging and draining all at the same time.  Hanging with some buddies from the olden days, Carl Murr and Jason Levi, was a real high point.  Another great part was hearing all the great feedback on the Griego mouthpieces I got to help develop. Thumb!

I am very excited for my up coming sabbatical. The list of fun includes a tour in Sweden, a month is Spain,  and composing my part of the music for BiCoastal: Chapter Five which is a large ensemble project. I have a personal project in can waiting on mixing and have a few other projects I am involved with in various states of completion too. It’s a good place to be.  I am starting the process on a new quartet recording. I am working with six unbelievable visual artists on this project, Eli Tynan, Jennifer Sandquist, Dave Barnes, Michael Barton, Chris Main, and Paul Vienneau. I’ll be writing music inspired by their work – it’s beautiful stuff and I think/hope the music will be too.

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