News – September – 2013

I just finished a new big band composition. This one’s called “Helicopter” and it was written for the Dallas Jazz Orchestra’s 40th Anniversary. It always feels great to finish a commission. I can’t wait to hear the DJO play it!  I’m especially excited about two gigs coming up this months: 1. The BiCoastal Collective hits in Antigonish on Sept 18th; the collective will be tracking it’s fourth studio album right after too! 2. The duo Jake Hanlon and I have is headlining the Antigonight: Art After Dark festival.  Hooray for September!

In late August I went out the the Getzen factory to work with the Edwards team. I also got to work on mouthpieces with master metal spinner, Christian Griego. There are some great projects in the works; the Edwards Gen IV proto-type trumpets are very happening, the Edwards Flugel is just about to production stage, and Getzen is doing real cool things on the redesign of some of their horns! Working on mouth pieces was a real education; it’s great to experience all the small details that go into the design. From start to finish, it’s a intense process. 

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