Upcoming Performances and Events


May 1-31 – in Europe. Date/details TBA

April 25-27 – Atlantic Festival of Music

April 12-15 – Canadian Rocky Mountian Music Festival

March 2-4 – Capital Region Music Festival

Jan 22 – Paul Tynan Quintet. Bauer theatre, Antigonish, NS 7pm.


Nov. 27 – Kenji Omae Quintet. Bauer theatre, Antigonish, NS 7pm.

Nov. 11 – Highland Arts Theatre Remembrance Day Show, Sydney, NS. 8am

Oct 26 – Tom Easley’s Mingus Tribute Band, Stayner Wharf, Halifax NS. 8pm

Oct 23 – Jake Hanlon quintet. Bauer theatre, Antigonish, NS 7pm.

Oct 20 – With Marshall Gilkes, St. FX Campus, Antigonish, NS. 8pm

Sept 16 – Little Ditties, Word on the Street Festival. Halifax, NS. 10:30am

Sept 11 – St. FX Music faculty. Bauer theatre, Antigonish, NS 7pm.

Sept 2 – Little Ditties book launch. Antigonish Library, Antigonish, NS. 2pm

August 17 – Bicoastal Collective. Cafe Stritch. San Jose, CA.

August 12 – San Jose Jazz Festival. Aaron Lington Quintet. San Jose, CA.

August 5 – Duo with Sam Wilson. The Haligonian Cafe & Bistro. Halifax, NS. 7pm.

June 23 – PEI Jazz and Blues Festival. Ken Fornetran Quintet. Charlottetown, PEI.

June 22 – PEI Jazz and Blues Festival.  Paul Tynan/Jake Hanlon Duo. Baba’s Lounge, 8pm. Charlottetown, PEI.

May 30-June 3 – International Trumpet Guild Conference. In support of Edwards Instruments and leading one of the Jazz Sessions. Hershey, PA.

April 30 –Florian Hoefner Quartet feat. Paul Tynan, The Ship Pub, St. John’s Newfoundland, 9pm

April 29/30 – Adjudicating, St. Johns, Newfoundland.

April 25-27 – Tom Easley’s Mingus Tribute Band, Nova Scotia. Details TBA.

April 13 – Paul Tynan Trio, PEI Island Jazz. Baba’s Lounge, 8pm. Charlottetown, PEI.

April 3 – Paul Tynan Quintet, Bauer Theatre, Antigonish, NS. 7pm.

March 6 –With Matt Wilson. St. FX Campus, Antigonish, NS. 8pm.

Feb 18 – Ken Fornetran Quintet, NASA Conference. Mount Alison University.

February 13/14 – Guest Artist, Alumni recital. SUNY Postdam. Potsdam, NY.

January 30 – Jake Hanlon quartet. Bauer Theatre, Antigonish, NS. 7pm.


Dec. 26 –With UFO and the Hanlon Blues Band. RCL, Antigonish, NS10pm.

Dec. 13 –Recording session with the Vesuvius Big Band

Dec. 12 –Duo with Jake Hanlon. Kirk Building Gallery, Antigonish 6:30pm.

November 25 –With The Little Ditties, Tree Lighting, Antigonish, NS. 7pm.

November 16 –With Linda Oh. St. FX Campus, Antigonish, NS. 8pm.

November 13 –With The Little Ditties, Antigonish Town Library, Antigonish, NS. 2pm.

October 29 – Paul Tynan/Jake Hanlon Duo, Authentic Seacoast Distillery & Brewery, Guysborough, NS. 8pm

October 24 – With Lage Lund. St. FX Campus, Antigonish, NS. 8pm.

September 9 – Paul Tynan/Jake Hanlon Duo, Little Christios, Antigonish, NS.

August 27 – With Ken Fornetran. PEI Jazz Fest,Charlottetown, PEI. 1pm

August 26- At Delta Hotel Swing Gig, Charlottetown, PEI. 6pm

August 24 – With The Little Ditties, Guysbrough, NS. 6pm.

July 25/26 – Recording new quartet project, Chicago, Il.

July 17 – With Zoe Leger, Halifax Jazz Festival, Halifax, NS.

July 5-9 – Recording with the BiCoastal Collective. Dallas, TX.

June 9 –  With Ken Fornetran. Stayner’s Wharf, Halifax, NS. 8pm.

May 31-June 5 International Trumpet Guild in Support of Edwards Trumpets, Los Angles, CA.

May 17-22 – Recording with Josh and Jake Hanlon. Denton, TX.

April 21/22 – With Tom Easley. Stayner’s Wharf, Halifax, NS. 8pm.

March 30 – With Chris Pond (Senior recital). St. Francis Xavier University. Antigonish, NS. 138 Nich. Hall. 8pm.

March 20 – With Dave Liebman. St. Francis Xavier University. Antigonish, NS. 138 Nich. Hall. 8pm.

March 15 – With Carlos Bermudo. Naima Café. Seville, Spain. 9pm.

January 9 – Upstream Orchestra and Symphony Nova Scotia. James Dunn Theatre, 7:30pm Halifax.

January 9 -Improvisation Talk Back, Facilitated by Ellen Waterman. Sir James Dunn Theatre, 1pm Halifax.